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COLLABORATE & DELIVER ! PT. Asia Quattro Net (AQN) is a Solution Integrator company based in Indonesia. Since it was founded in early 2005, the company has successfully helped partners and customers implement telecommunication and technology solutions, VAS platforms, digital services and more. Some of our customers are Indonesian mobile operators like Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Three, Axis, as well as service providers and enterprises.
About Us

Solution Integrator in Mobile Telecommunication.

With experts, a long experience in the telecommunications industry, a large network of mobile industry players to multiple levels, combined with young talents in information technology and experience in legacy SS7 solutions to VAS to current Mobile Data and Digital technology, AQN is the perfect choice for a partner offering telecommunications solutions to Indonesian Mobile Operators.

Digital Marketing & Services.

AQN has evolved its expertise into the most efficient and effective way to communicate brands into the targeted market based on location by means of Digital technology and media, ensuring engagement and measurability. With solutions that are unique in nature, we ensure brands are not trapped by commodity but stand out in the Digital channel.

Enterprise Solutions and Internet of Things.

With its experience in telecommunications, IT and the mobile digital world, AQN is the right partner in providing solutions for your enterprise as well as in leveraging machine to machine solutions towards the Internet of Things. Our team are more than happy to listen to your needs and engage you with possible solutions.


Some of our partners

Since its establishment, AQN has been representing its technology partners, providing solutions in telecommunications, IT and mobile digital areas to mobile operators and enterprises in Indonesia, focusing on solution offerings and integrations among various key technology elements. We have provided project management, installations and technical support from 2005 until today with a team that keeps learning and evolving everyday with technological trends and evolutions.


Our Skills

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Multi-fold approach

A multi-fold approach right from people management to business risk management to new business initiatives, not only locally but also globally.

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Our adaptability is your advantage. We are always evolving and learning to match evolving tech trends, ensuring our solutions stay at the forefront of telecommunications innovation.

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With out extensive network of local connections in Indonesia from our long experience, we tailor solutions to your region, optimizing efficiency and ensuring personalized service.

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Our expertise in mobile technology ensures your business stays connected and thrives in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, connecting people and engaging the mobile world.